Anngel Benoun & Randye Saunders

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Despite the emotional toll and Covid Issues you were amazing helping our family through this otherwise difficult process. We now rest assured that Maryann is well cared for. Feel free to use me as a reference or testimonial.  So much gratitude.       

 Megan Rheinschild, Conservator. Referred by Jamie Gonzalez, Esq.


We at the bank are very grateful for all of your hard work, teamwork, and professionalism from start to finish!                                                   

KimInvestment Management & Trust Real EstateMUFG Union Bank, N.A.

My daughter wanted to pick out the Realtor to sell the property and interviewed a couple of Realtors.  One of them was a friend who wanted us to spend money purchasing carpet, painting, fixing the electrical, etc.  My daughter was there when you met with me for listing it. After you left, she looked at me and commented "what a difference". She was so impressed with both of you and how you were so willing to put the house on the market with no conditions. You ladies taught her a serious lesson that day. She was more impressed that you figured out the reverse mortgage wasn't as bad as the other Agents thought.  Thank you. I'm so happy things worked out in our favor.  Client is happy with your assistance and so am I!

Linda Jenkins, CLPF #1291

Thank YOU for taking care of my client.  I have a very short list of real estate referrals and you’re on it for good reason.  It’s boggling to me when clients take my referral list and still go with someone else.   (I swear they dig them up from under rocks!)  I’m so glad the Neblett family chose you.

Kim Doering Zimmerman, Esq.

Anngel has represented our Trusts, Estates and Conservatorships for many years and is our go-to source for all of our client's Residential Real Estate Disposition needs.  She is professional, ethical and has an acute knowledge of the Probate/Trust Real Estate process.  She always delivers premium results, exceeding our expectations and virtually reduces all liability to the Estates/Trusts we represent.

Maya and Jason Rubin, Certified Strategies CPLF


I cannot say enough good things about working with Anngel Benoun and Randye Saunders. On day one they explained their approach to selling Trust Real Estate. They stuck to that plan and it worked. As the Seller I was confident from the start that they were only advancing my interests. They are great communicators: texts, phone calls, emails...all are returned promptly with either a substantive response or the promise to find the answer and get back to me. They are always professional and unquestionably honest. They are helpful beyond measure. Finally, they are fun to work with.

Ralph T. Goodwin, Trustee (referred by Kira Masteller, Esq.).


It still feels rather unbelievable that we (you really) were able to sell this house in the current environment. Thank you for your guidance and for keeping our scattered family on schedule and focused on the next dead-line. We knew nothing about selling a house and probate and we would not have been able to do any of it without you.

Christophe Begue, Executor. Referred by LeRoy Williams, Esq.


Anngel is the best, most organized agent I have ever found. Please utilize her services for any of my cases.

Howard Gold, Esq.


Anngel's name was given to me as a referral from my Attorney, Jamie Gonzalez. Her quick response to an introduction, her clear communication and zealous spirit convinced me she would be a great choice to represent my Son's Estate. She is a class act and handled everything long distance for me without hesitation. Anngel did the little things I could not like cleaning out the house and preparing it for sale. Anngel sold the house for considerably more than expected. This was due to her great networking and valuable experience.

Jeanne Silverberg, Administrator

I appreciate the very personalized & personal help you gave to my family & myself with the sale of my family's home.  In addition, with your assistance to help move the document process when it seem to stall,  you were able to help move the process forward.



Anngel and Randye have extensive experience selling real estate belonging to Trust and Estates and they handle all transactions professionally, seamlessly and expertly. They have deep knowledge of what is required in these situations and provide great assistance to PPFs doing all the legwork helping to prepare the property and preparing all the required paperwork for the Seller and Attorneys.

Pamela Blattner, CLPF #873