The Professionals Connection Team Partnerships = Value


* 25 Years of partnerships with corporate entites including every major servicer, Asset Management company, Fiduciaries, Attorneys and Trust Administrators.

* Partnership with our Clients - Underlying goal is to represent your infividual business philosophy to insure your success with your client.  Communication is the key and follow through.

*Partnership to Enhance/Further your Brand - Partner with you to promote your loan/business opportunities with our fiduciaries and Buyers of your properties.

* Partnership with our Residential and Commercial Broker Partners - Command central process - one commission (double the marketing and exposure)

* Partner with your Designated or our recommended Title and Escrow to insure smooth process.

* Partner with your Designated Property Management or our in-house team to facilitate property market readiness.

* Partner with your Designated or our Recommended Eviction Law Firm if eviction is needed.

*Partner with Real Property Appraisers and Estate Sales Companies.

*Partnership with our In-House Team - Transaction and Closing Manager, Property Manager, Accounting Manager, Buyer's Agent Team (all have been with us for many years).