Professionals Connection Team        

*Buyer completes submission package including CAR form provided template and all other required documents.

* Listing Agent confirms Buyer financial qualifications to insure no option for cancellation due to removal of all contingencies..


* Buyer's deposit payable to Trust/Estate held outside Escrow and refundable only if unable to deliver clear Title. 

* All contingencies removed prior to submission.


* Buyer completes discovery prior to submission and enters transaction with EYES WIDE OPEN.


*Seller retains Buyer's Deposit if transaction doesn't close. .


Standard Trust Sale Agent

*Buyer submits offer on a standard CAR or and  other forms according to each individual agent.

* Listing Agent confirms Buyer financial qualifications but buyer retains option to cancel if property doesn't appraise at sales price.


* Buyer's deposit submitted and held by Escrow throughout the transaction and only released to Seller upon closing of the Escrow. Buyer retains leverage.


* All contingencies remain in effect until Buyer removes.


* Upon acceptance of offer, Buyer has only committed to 'discovery'  and may not be 100% committed to the property.


* Buyer may cancel Escrow and have the deposit refunded.