Professionals Connection Team 
* Removal of ALL CONTINGENCIES form executed in submission package.

* All buyer inspections completed prior to offer submission.  Buyers indemnity form executed prior to any inspections.

* HOA Documents provided to Buyer for approval prior to offer submission.

* No loan contingency. Preapproval and/or proof of funds provided with submission.

* No appraisal contingency. Buyer may obtain appraisal if desired.

* Preliminary Title provided to and approved by Buyer prior to submission.

* Termite is not part of the contract and not considered in any offer.

* Commercial reports/statements and estoppels provided to Buyer prior to offer submission.


Standard Trust/Estate Agent

* Standard contingency periods apply and begin upon acceptance of offer.

* CAR Contract allows for 17-day inspection contingency = opportunity to RENEGOTIATE

                                                                                * HOA Documents provided to Buyer in Escrow = opportunity to RENEGOTIATE.

* 21-Day Loan Contingency = opportunity to RENEGOTIATE OR CANCEL.

* 17-Day Appraisal Contingency = opportunity to RENEGOTIATE.

* Buyer receives Preliminary Title in Escrow = opportunity to RENEGOTIATE.

* Termite remains a "NEGOTIATION" tool even though no longer required in contract.

* Buyer has 7 days to approve all commercial reports/statements = opportunity to RENEGOTIATE.